Welcome to the Albert S. Hall School
The Hall School is home to over 270 fourth and fifth graders with the reputation of being a great place to go to school! The dedicated, caring, and professional staff welcomes you to visit at anytime and witness the lifelong learning that happens here on a daily basis. For more information or to schedule a visit, contact Principal Barbara Jordan.

Support the Hall School Garden Program's unique fund raiser. A lovely selection of items for our FarmRaiser fund raiser begins Monday May 16th and ends Friday June 3rd. Orders will be ready for pickup on Thursday June 9th.
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Classrooms of the Month
Grade 4: Mrs. Reed
Grade 5: Mrs. Bushey

Sign Up for New England Math Contest 2016! 
Each spring our Hall School fourth and fifth graders are invited 
to participate in the New England Math Contest. This contest boasts 
participation by more than one million students (from both the U.S. 
and Canada) since it was first offered in 1979. 
Now is the time to sign up for this year's contest! 
Our Grade 4 and 5 students will participate in the contest on  
Tues., May 24th.  
The N.E. Math Contest Prep Classes will be on Wed., 
May 11th and Wed., May 18th after school from 2:30 – 3:20. 
Mrs. Cook will meet with the grade 4 students in her Math Room.  
Mrs. Violette will meet with the grade 5 students in the GT room.  
In order to participate in the preparatory class, students must 
bring a signed Parent Permission form to Mrs. Cook by Tues., 
May 2nd.  Parent Permission forms and contest practice forms are 
both available from your classroom teacher  starting April 25th. 
Participants are asked to practice with a contest practice form 
before May 11th, and then bring the form and their questions to the 
first practice class. 
See you then!
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