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ASHS Math Addition

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Learn to solve Part-Whole and Comparison word problems by modeling the problems with bars. A tutor helps guide you through each problem.

Learn tips for solving addition problems in your head

Solve the math problems to run the bases and score points

Practice addition facts by finding the correct number to complete the equation.  (Starts off with sums to 5, but advances quickly)

In these games, you choose a target number and find sums to equal that number

Add the numbers to fill the pyramid and open the mummy's tomb

Add single and double digit numbers to prevent spaceships from invading Earth.

Use the on-line pencil to work out the answer to the problem, then choose the correct answer from the choices given.  (Also has a subtraction version)

Practice Problems
Manipulate base 10 blocks to solve addition problems

Test your skill by solving the addition problems

Print worksheets from this site to practice addition