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ASHS Math Algebra

Instructional Sites

This site gives an introduction to algebra and gives step by step instructions for solving equations with an unknown.

Lesson about keeping your equations balanced.

Fill the numbers in the correct order to make the equation true and earn points.

Use the balance (scale) to find the weight of all the poodles

Match the algebraic equation with the word problem you are given.

Solve simple algebra equations to find the missing number

You have 4 minutes, using a few numbers and operations to get a variety of answers on the calculator.  You'll have to use your knowledge of order of operations and basic facts.

Try to figure out the function.  Either you or the computer will input a number, then wait to see what comes out of the function machine.  After 2 trys, you will get a chance to guess what the function is (rule by which the number is changed each time, ex. x2 or +3).

Practice Problems

Explore Order of Operations with this interactive website. Click on the operation that should be performed first in the equation. Then click on the second operation, and so on until you have solved the problem!

Solve equations using order of operations, then draw a line from the equation to the matching answer

Print worksheets from this site to practice basic algebra concepts

Print worksheets from this site to practice different kinds of algebraic equations

Solve the equation using your knowledge of Order of Operations

Practice writing equations that include a variable to represent the unknown quantity

Choose the correct equation to represent the given word problem

Find the rule for the number pattern given, or complete the pattern when given a rule to follow