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ASHS Math Decimals

Instructional Sites

A short video explains how to add decimals

A 5 minute video teaches a song to remember how to convert simple decimals to fractions

Use this site to visually compare decimals, fractions and percents.

Use this site experiment with comparing decimals and fractions.  Once you think you have a good understanding of which decimals equal which fractions, try playing Death to Decimals.


(Trottier: Lesson 1)

(Trottier: Lesson 1/2)

(Trottier: Lesson 2/3)

(Trottier: Lesson 3/3)
Pop the balloons by putting the decimals in order from least to greatest.

(Trottier: Lesson 3/4)

(Trottier: Lesson 4)


Prctice your addition skills while shooting some hoops!

Basketball not your game?  Keep practicing adding those decimals and score a feew goals!

Math problems with a kick!

Adding and subtracting decimals will be a vacation at Hotel Decimalfornia!
Move the coins to make the target money amount.

Find the decimal that is equivalent to the given fraction and help Fraction Man aim his calculator at it.  

Practice Problems

Determine the value of a decimal on the given number line.

Put a series of decimals in order.

Practice adding and subtracting decimals with this on-line activity