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Insructional Sites

Learn how division works with this interactive lesson

Learn how to do long division in this lesson, with practice problems and solutions

Learn how to solve division word problems by creating models using blocks. A tutor guides you through each problem.

This site uses array models to help students visualize division.  Try solving some of the problems on your own.

Tips on solving division problems using different strategies followed by a quiz and game.
Place the cards correctly to make the division problem make sense.  Try to solve 8 in 2 minutes.

Help the monkey cross the swamp by finishing the equation.  Choose multiplication or division and then finish the equation.

Solve the division problems before the demolition tanks destroy your wall.

Practice Problems
Practice long division problems at various levels of difficulty with the number monster.

Practice division problems

Explore patterns in division over increasing place values

Practice division problems with a 2 digit divisor

Print worksheets from this site to practice division problems

Print worksheets from this site to practice division problems