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ASHS Math Place Value

Instructional Sites
Video to help you understand place value

A lesson on place value followed by a quiz and game.  Play the game to watch a short video about place value and explore the value of digits in a number and what happens when you multiply or divide by 10, 100, or 1000.

Learn the rules for rounding whole numbers to the nearest tens, hundreds, or thousands. Then try some practice problems.

Search for your target number on the numberline.  Each time you select the section of the numberline where your number can be found, the numberline will zoom in to a more precise section of the numberline.  You will continue to narrow down your selection until you find the target number.

Use interactive Base 10 Blocks to build multi-digit numbers. Click on the blue blocks buttons to add blocks to the board.

Identify the given place value in a number to find the hidden picture.

Follow the instructions on the screen to build a large number

In this game, you must answer the question correctly to have a chance to aim for the moving target.

Put numbers in ascending or descending order. Includeds options for using whole numbers, fractions or decimals.
Practice Problems

Print worksheets from this site to practice place value

Print worksheets from this site to practice comparing multi-digit numbers