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ASHS Math Subtraction

Instructional Sites
Learn to solve Part-Whole and Comparison word problems by modeling the problems with bars. A tutor helps guide you through each problem.

Learn tips for solving subtraction problems in your head
Provides practice with subtraction (double digit minus single digit) as slime globs with subtraction problems move toward the cannon.

Practice subtraction facts by finding the correct number to complete the equation.

Answer the subtraction problems to score goals and prevent your opponent from scoring.

Practice counting on to find the difference in this game

In this game you have to fill in the missing numbers to make the equation true.  You choose the number of problems you want and the time limit.  There is regrouping so the game is tricky.  
Practice Problems
Test your skills with these subtraction problems

Manipulate base 10 pieces to practice subtraction

Print worksheets from this site to practice subtraction problems