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This site has been developed to help students, teachers, and interested parents, with resources to support the Social Studies curriculum for grades 4 and 5 at the Albert S. Hall School.

The focus at Grade 4 is the study of their home State of Maine!  The curriculum is integrated with skills and concepts from Language Arts and covers everything from Maine history to geography and mapping, to government, and a comparison and contrast of Maine with our other New England neighbors.  The students also delve into a more global study by learning about the similarities and differences of Maine to our bordering country of Mexico!

At Grade 5 the students begin to look at the history of our country.  Starting with the "First Americans", they learn about the native tribes in Maine, and then broaden out to learn about "Colonial America" and the birth of our democratic nation.  They continue with the growing number of mill towns throughout the U.S. and then "Move West".  Finally, they learn about our country as a "Melting Pot" as immigrants begin to arrive in the Land of Opportunity!