During our Distance Learning time your Specials Teachers want to offer you some activities and practice in the areas of Art, Music, Library, PE, and Computer Technology!

Each week we will post a new activity/lesson that we would like for you to try and do. It would be wonderful if you could create a Google Doc or a Google Spreadsheet, or even create a Google Slideshow or have your parents snap a picture or make a short video to show us what you have done in each of your Specials each week. You can share it or email it to your Specials Teachers!

For example in Library you could just type up list in Google Docs of the books you have read either independently, or to anyone in your home...including stuffed animals!
In PE, create a Google Spreadsheet and keep track of the minutes that you spend being active. 
For Computers practice your keyboarding by timing yourself as you type a story on a Google Doc, or set a timer for 5 minutes and type as many words as you know for that time. Share the Doc with Mrs. Lee (remember to save it to your Computer Lab folder or make a new one for Remote Learning in your Google Drive!)

                            Keeping busy with Chris and Izzy!

The Life of Homeschool During Quarantine May 18th-22nd

These are just ideas. Our biggest wish is for you all to be in a routine, practice what you can, and stay happy and healthy!  Remember to check back here each Monday for new activities!!!

Take Care!
Mrs. Lee (Computers), Mrs. Wheeler (Art), Mr. White (PE), 
Library (Mr. Lovendahl), Music (Mr. Eason, Mr. Wheatley, Mrs. Barre)

Week of JUNE 1, 2020  

CLICK HERE for wonderful story 
from Mr. Lovendahl!



5th Grade Strings CLICK HERE for lessons

Feel free to email Mr. Wheatly cwheatley@aos92.org OR Mrs. Barre sbarre@aos92.org if you would like some examples OR if you want to share a video of you playing!  
Music can be a great escape and provide entertainment - play on!

Physical Education
Check out Mr. White's video and new lesson!

Computer Technology